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Blood War: Novellas: Power & Fight

Blood War


Demons, Portals, Death, and Destruction - need we say more?

When a new race emerges from the shadows to advise humanity in the use of magic and how to fight the demons, Major Declan Kenner seizes the opportunity to fight for survival of mankind.  As the war for the survival of humanity progresses, hard decisions must be made.  His unit is formed to make decisions that no sane person would make.  By the time they are done Kenner and his best friend may not come out intact.  Magic, blood, death, and destruction become commonplace for most of the world.

Death is easy, living with his choices might kill him.


What will you do to survive?

Shane Gris didn't die with the rest of the Army at the battle of Ypsilanti.  Maybe he should have.  But since he didn't, he sure as hell would not wait for the demons to come back and kill the rest of them. His look through the dimensional portal, at the rabid hordes of demons waiting to cross over to Earth, drove him deeper into his search for more powerful magic. As he chases the faintest of rumors across the world, he finds Fae, hunts demons, and runs into something from Christian Mythology. Beings from other realms don't think like humans, and his mind may not survive the experience.


Melisa Todd
Douglas Burbey
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