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Bonds of Valor

Book 4 of 5: Libri Valoris

A private eye saves his dead friend.

The Black Company deals with something fishy.

Deathmages, space mages, and forgotten magic.

It’s all here in fourteen stories of valor, heroism, and bonds that tie folk together, for good or ill. There are bonds of love, oaths to gods, and life-long friends.

Will the old, crusty worn-out veteran find his new partner just might be something? Will the knight learn humility from those who serve him? Will Indrajit and Fix restore the path of true love?

Or will the bonds between characters break under the pressure of evil wizards, ancient enemies, or massive dragons?


Kevin Steverson
Jody Lynn Nye
Jon R. Osborne
Rob Howell
Daniel M. Hoyt
Sarah A. Hoyt
David (D.J.) Butler
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