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Chasing Freedom

Randy risked it all for a box of strawberries.

A box of strawberries for a beautiful girl, one outside his league. All he wanted was a little bit extra to purchase an almost unobtainable luxury to impress a girl. He’d never expected the robbery to go so wrong, or to have to stop his friend from killing the innocent shop owner.

Luckily for him, the shop owner understands the bleak and futureless world they live in. And Julie, the girl of his dreams, doesn’t want strawberries.

She wants a revolution. Tired of government controlled, overregulated lives lived in overpopulated cities without even strawberries to enjoy, Julie wants freedom. Randy can help her get what she wants. Now along for the ride, the two of them turn to technology to start their insurgency.

But changing the world isn’t as fast or as easy as it seems in the movies. And it takes sacrifices neither Randy nor Julie imagined.

Marina Fontaine is an immigrant from the former Soviet Union. She uses personal experience to craft a novel that takes an intimate look at life in a totalitarian society and the role that individual choices play in advancing the cause of liberty.

Can Randy and Julie survive the wrath of an oppressive regime? Or will chasing freedom demand the ultimate cost?

Read Chasing Freedom today and find out!


Marina Fontaine
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