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Eric Flint's 1632 & Beyond (3 book series)

Eric Flint's 1632 Universe is alive and well! In addition to books from Baen, we have a new short-story venue replacing the Grantville Gazette Magazine. We are super excited to be keeping the universe alive. Authors include Jody Lynn Nye, S.M. Stirling, Iver Cooper, Virginia DeMarce, and many more. For our long-time fans, hopefully you are as excited as we are to know that incomplete storylines from the Grantville Gazette are continuing in 1632 & Beyond! Specifically, Garrett W. Vance's storyline set in Cambodia and Robert Waters' story about Giovanni Cassini and his love of baseball. New issues of 1632 & Beyond are released on the first of odd-numbered months.

The 1632verse started when Eric Flint decided to write a tale of how ordinary people can change the world for the better. When he decided in 2000 to send the town of Grantville, WV (closely based on the real town of Mannington, WV) back to 1631 into the middle of the Thirty Years War, he truly had no idea what he was doing. With dozens of books, 200 authors, two magazines, and millions of words (all canon), what he created is extraordinary by any standard.


Bethanne Kim
Robert E. Waters
Jody Lynn Nye
Bjorn Hasseler
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