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Farmer's Creed

The Fallen World Book 5

What do you do when the world falls?

For Zebediah Pratt, or “Zee” to his friends, the answer is easy—he goes back to the family farm to support his father. By pooling resources with their neighbors in the countryside, they’re able to stand up to the lone gunmen that are on the lookout for easy prey in a world where the rule of law no longer applies. It looks like they will be able to make it.

But when the dregs of society come leaking out to the countryside from the ruins of nearby Philadelphia, things change, and the Pratts realize something—they have to do more. Unless they take food into the city, the city will come out to get it from them by force, trampling them and their way of life in the process.

You would think it would be easy to give away food in a fallen world, but in a city where only the strong survive—and they are used to taking what they want—things can get complicated, especially when Zee decides that the policies of slavery have to end for the warlords to get fed. Will Zee be able to feed an entire city, or will the warlords break him, too, just like they have everyone else who’s tried to stand up to them?

Unfortunately for the warlords, Zee has a secret weapon—he has a Jimmy.


Chris Woods
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