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Galaxy's Most Wanted

4 Book Series

A smuggler in the wrong place. An ancient alien technology. Now, everyone is after him.

Kai Fletcher thought he could go straight, until he couldn’t. And when his last "last" job goes wrong, he finds himself stowed away in a starship belonging to an alien crime syndicate.

Forced into servitude to pay the debt for passage off world, Kai bargains with the syndicate. All he has to do is help them rob the Vakness Empire, the most powerful alien empire in known space, and he gets to go home.

Easy Peasy. Until it isn’t.

Planning the heist, Kai discovers that the Vakness Empire has stolen ancient alien technology that will allow them to achieve their dream of ruling over all other sentient species. He's never been a good guy, but even he has limits.

Hunted by both the Empire, and the syndicate, he manages to get on the wrong side of everyone in the galaxy who wants the discovery for themselves.

Kai just wanted to get back to Chicago, but instead, he’s become the Galaxy’s Most Wanted in this Sci-Fi thrill ride from Michael LaVoice!


Michael LaVoice
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