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Hidden Motives

Alyssa Zelaya, an assassin for Earth's Interstellar Military Division, has become too good at her job. Now the IMD wants her dead. When an alien race shows up, she's sent out to reconnoiter and make contact. In truth, it's a cover up for the military's true intent: to kill her and blame the aliens. Except Alyssa doesn't die. Instead, she's rescued by the very aliens Earth's military wants to make appear to be bloodthirsty and cruel. 

It'zarry Mc'narrd,  the K'laisian military commander, rescues Alyssa Zelaya instead of allowing her to die. His hope is she will help open communications between his people and hers. Except there's more between them than either ever expected. 

But all isn't as it seems. Not only does Alyssa find enemies even among her saviors who offer her a chance at a new life, but Earth has a secret ally in the shadows. An ally willing to start a war for their own motives. 

Will Alyssa be able to create a new life with this new alien race? Or will she lose it all when she Challenges one of Mc'narrd's crew to a Duel?  And more importantly: will they be able to stop the war before it has a chance to begin?


Jennie Posthumus
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