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Caine Riordan Universe

Taken from their planet and their century, they are… the Lost Soldiers.

Determined to become a better person in his truly out-of-this-world fresh start, Horace Earl Chalmers’ background in investigation, interrogation, and sniffing out problems has made him Major Rodger Young Murphy’s de facto counter-intelligence expert.

But Chalmers has a problem: the instincts, memories, and habits accrued over a lifetime spent dodging and manipulating the laws that he was ostensibly following and upholding are still with him. And the desperation of their circumstances on R’Bak—the world where the Lost Soldiers have been marooned—isn’t making his vow to be better any easier.

He does, however, have the support of his trusted partner, Sergeant James Jackson, and a new friend and enforcer, Sergeant Max Messina, as they try to find a way to get into the enemy-held Downport, the only means of access to orbit. More importantly, it’s also the only place to steal the ship required for Murphy’s critical three-part operation to defeat the rapacious Kulsian overlords who have arrived to strip the planet of its precious natural resources.

Can Chalmers—with the help of his friends—use his old skills for good this time? If he can’t, the Lost Soldiers known as Murphy’s Lawless won’t have the assets necessary to beat the Kulsians in space. And, if they can’t beat them there, it’s just a matter of time before the Lost Soldiers not only lose everything they’ve accomplished and built, but their lives, as well.


Charles E. Gannon
Griffin Barber
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