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It Came from the Trailer Park Volume 1

Do you love sparkly vampires? Well too bad, because you won’t find a single one of those fancy-dancy bloodsuckers anywhere in this collection!

It Came From The Trailer Park began as a fun idea to revisit the Classic Horror and Old-School Creature Feature genres with a hefty helping of B-rate tropes thrown in for good measure. Who doesn’t love a good Bruce Cambell or classic Vincent Price flick on a dark and dreary night?

Emmy award winner Bill Oberst Jr. opens the collection and sets the stage for the stories to come. From aliens to demons to werewolves and so many more, you’re sure to fall in love with these tales of the Macabre.

So come on in. Take a load off. And get yourself ready for nineteen unforgettable tales, straight from the Trailer Park.

Stories written by: Sara Brooke, Mel Todd, Charity Ayres, Amie Gibbons, William Alan Webb, Philip K. Booker, J.F. Posthumus, JL Curtis, John Drake, Michael K. Falciani, Michael Gants, Rob Howell, R.J. Ladon, LawDog, Benjamin Tyler Smith, Kevin Steverson, Christopher Woods, Jenny Wren, and William Joseph Roberts.


Chris Woods
William Joseph Roberts
Benjamin Tyler Smith
Kevin Steverson
Melisa Todd
William Alan Webb
Ian McMurtrie
Jenny Wren
Michael Gants
Amie Gibbons
Rob Howell
Charity Ayres
Philip K. Booker
R. J. Ladon
Jim Curtis
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