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Joint Task Force 13 (JTF 13) Book 6

There is a thin wall between our world and that of the Fae...

During times of war, it is easily stepped through. The passions and emotions stirred by violence and combat bleed over, and the supernatural often awake from long slumber to meddle in mortal affairs.

But there have always been those among us who have been willing to meet the supernatural threat with cold steel, burning hearts, and grim determination.

In modern America, they are the men and women of Joint Task Force Thirteen, those who have proven they have the mettle on the battlefield. This organization has been intertwined with our country since before its birth. The name changes, but they are always there, ready to answer the call. Unknown, seeking no glory, asking no reward.

JTF-13, - They hold the line … BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL.

Legends: A Joint Task Force Thirteen anthology is a fresh collection of stories spanning over one hundred years in the JTF-13 universe. With continuing storylines from Lloyd Behm, Casey Moores, and William Joseph Roberts, any fan of the series is guaranteed to enjoy this collection.


Michael Morton
William Joseph Roberts
Casey Moores
Michael Gants
Philip K. Booker
Jason Cordova
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