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Lucid Reality

Book 2 of 3: Tales From the Dream Nebula

"Lucid Reality" is the sequel to "Dreams Within Dreams", a wild retrofuturist pulp-punk that combines the excitement of "Flash Gordon" & "Smokey and the Bandit" with "The Matrix" and "Talespin". Winston Harper, a skytrucker now on the wrong side of imperial law when he takes a less than legal job to keep ahead of the bill collectors and is stuck between many rocks and even more hard cases.

Somedays… the right thing is the wrong thing to do.

Sky trucker Winston Harper thought he was in the clear. He evaded imperial forces to deliver his contraband cargo, escaped a black void event, and performed the heroic rescue of a medical facility. But, no good deed goes unpunished, because his act of mercy has landed him in a load of trouble.

Now he’s stuck dealing with a cargo load of crazy, including a noble woman trying to free her brother-in-law from false imprisonment, a stowaway that almost fried his brain and a corrupt administrator determined to lobotomize them all to keep the secrets of the Bonavitae Corporation hidden.

Add to that an epic storm, being stalked by pirates from behind and imperial security cutting them off, Winston and company are caught between rocks and hard cases, with options dwindling fast. It’s going to take a whole lot of skill and a ton of luck to get back control of his tug, the Sierra Madre, from those who hijacked it and fly out of this cheis-storm!


M.D. Boncher
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