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My Luck

Book 1 of 5: Twisted Luck

Coffee and my BFF are all the magic I need. 

I see dead people. No, really. I find a disturbing amount of dead or dying people. It’s just my luck - if something freakish happens, I’m usually in the vicinity. Prime example: The body I found on the way to work this morning that’s now making me late. I can't afford to lose my job at the coffee shop. College is expensive for non-magical folks like me.

Except things have gone wonky around me most of my life. I can’t possibly be a mage, though. I would know something like that. Right?

My best friend Jo is the only person I’ve let myself depend on the last several years. But when my name is found in the pocket of the latest dead body, I discover I have more friends than I thought. I'm going to need them all to graduate. I am determined to complete my certification program no matter what obstacles get in my way. 

I have plans for my future: enjoy life, be a great EMT, and keep looking for the reason my twin died. If life is a series of steps, this is step one. With my luck, anything could happen.

My Luck – the first book in the Twisted Luck series, an Urban Fantasy you didn't know you needed. A found family, non-romantic urban fantasy with a smattering of magical beasties.

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Melisa Todd
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