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Book 1 of 3: Aeon 14: The Intrepid Saga

Delve into the epic Aeon 14 Universe with the Bestselling book that started it all.

I’m done with Sol. The system is rotting, and I want out.

The Terran Space Force has tried to hold onto me, but even they can’t deny the people behind the largest colony ship ever made. The GSS Intrepid can house millions of colonists, and its leaders have selected me as one of them.

I finally have a way out of Sol. Except…there’s a catch. I mean…of course there is, right?

A secret organization is doing their damnedest to destroy the Intrepid. My background in military intelligence puts me in charge of the investigation, which means I’m going to have to work for my passage.

Not that I mind, Angela—my rather sassy internal AI—and I are used to going up against impossible odds to get the job done. The only problem? We don’t know who our adversary is.

Either way, they’d better look out. Nothing’s going to stand in my way.


Malorie (M. D.) Cooper
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