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Paladins of Valor

Book 5 of 5: Libri Valoris

They defend the weak, no matter the time, place, or foe.

They stand up for others in the cold dark of space, the dusty Wild West, and lands of mystical empires.

They fight with any weapon that can help them save those behind them, whether it’s battlemechs, magic, swords, or even Sharps rifles. Along the way, they discover they can be more than they ever thought.

So come join us as we visit, in fourteen great stories, the worlds of Hanuvar, the Black Company, Kish, the Milesian Accords, and more great universes… because there are always those who stand up for those who can’t.

We call them paladins.


David Shadoin
H.Y. Gregor
Howard Andrew Jones
Jon R. Osborne
H.P. Holo
Rob Howell
Daniel M. Hoyt
Sarah A. Hoyt
David (D.J.) Butler
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