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Scales of Injustice

On a world where disputes can legally be solved by duels to the death, murderers are considered to be insane. 

Violetta Cq'linns, a half-human, half-K'laisian homicide detective, normally spends her time investigating unknown deaths. But when she looks into corruption in her own department, it leads to the murder of the chief of police - with Violetta found over his body. 

Now she's on the run from her own department, unable to know who to trust. Her only allies are the two people who won't turn her in: the local mob boss who will help her for a “favor”; and, potentially even more dangerous, her old high school sweetheart. 

Unfortunately for the conspirators attempting to silence her permanently, Violetta learned two very important lessons from her father: first, how to survive at all costs; and second, to always finish what she started.


Jennie Posthumus
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