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Social Credit

Book 6 of 8: The Wilder Bunch

When software giant Gogol-Checkov moves to impose its China-style Social Credit surveillance system on Ojibwa City, Minnesota, Hack Wilder and friends must protect their hometown from the outrageous threat to their privacy and freedom, battling not only the College and local Big Tech billionaire Frederick Sauer, but even Communist China itself.

Where else but in the barely-mythical college town of Ojibwa City, Minnesota can you find a multi-lingual homeless Chinese chess genius who tutors in Hebrew and Chess? Who teams up with an off-the-grid man mountain, a severely-pregnant blues singer, and a cast of allies determined to squelch a Chinese Communist plan to monitor the town’s citizens’ every word, movement and thought?

One of the lessons of this very entertaining book is that in the fight against Goliath -- Big Tech, greedy government, corporate fools, media morons, and academic asshats -- a whole lot of ordinary Davids (and one Husky dog) can win enough skirmishes to fight another day. But, like in poker, you “gotta be in to win”. Passive resistance is a start. But sooner or later, we have to take the fight to the liberty-haters. “Social Credit” points the way, and does so with a lot of laughs and nary a super-hero in the bunch. Just ordinary people whose superpowers are mockery and grit. Holiday gift-giving is just around the corner! Treat yourself first.1


Max Cossack
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