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Space Cowboys 2: Electric Rodeo

Book 5 of 15: Raconteur Press Anthologies

Something about the rugged individualism of the cowboy strikes a chord in us all. A certain romanticism exists in the feeling that cowboys inhabit a simpler world; one that’s clearer, brighter and makes more sense than our day to day existence.

Cowboys have a certain reckless reputation and that doesn’t fade away when you move them into space and onto alien worlds. Men and women who face hardships and rope a living out of an unforgiving landscape without waiting for orders from a distant authority. They do what needs to be done and take care of their animals, their people, and themselves.

Join us for ten more stories about cowboys who have headed for the stars and distant planets.


James Copley
C.V. Walter
Sam Robb
Kelly Grayson
Ian McMurtrie
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