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Tales Around the Supper Table - An Anthology of Texas Writers

Tales Around the Supper Table, Book 1 of 2

This collection is from ten different Texas authors. There was no 'world' or set up for the stories. It was up to the individual authors to write their stories, so you get a wide variety! Vampires, dragons, werewolves, enchanted swords, runaways, SciFi, and cowboys... Stories for everyone in this collection of Texas authors!

Alma TC Boykin- Pigmentum Regium; Monalisa Foster- Caliborne's Curse; Dorothy Grant- Business not Bullets; Kathey Grey- The Invisible Train; Pam Uphoff- Runaway; JL Curtis- A Favor Owed; Jonathan LaForce- Knights and Dragons; Peter Grant- Starting over; Lawdog- Bad Night in Falls Town; John Van Stry- They Only Ever Just Send One; Wayne Whisnand- For a Child.

This is the result of that collaboration- May I present Tales Around the Supper Table- The Anthology.


Alma T. C. Boykin
John Van Stry
Ian McMurtrie
Monalisa Foster
Dorothy Grant
Peter Grant
Jim Curtis
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