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Tales Around the Supper Table - Volume 2

Tales Around the Supper Table, Book 2 of 2

Volume Two of tales from Texas authors!

Dragons, Cowboys and Indians, SciFi, Magic, Urban Noir… Stories for everyone in this new collection!

Alma TC Boykin- To Absent Dragons

Monalisa Foster- Progeny

Dorothy Grant- I didn’t Sign Up For This

Pam Uphoff- Listen to Me

Carole Lisa Lynn Gilbert- The Unwanted Supper Guest

Celia Hayes- The Kind of Kibira

Cedar Sanderson- The Phoenix Egg

Alyssa Casto- Sea Change Shop

Peter Grant- Piracy in a Good Cause

JL Curtis- The Templar Bank

Karl K. Gallagher- Zombie

John Van Stry- PK

Wayne Whisnand- Cargo


Cedar Sanderson
Alma T. C. Boykin
John Van Stry
Monalisa Foster
Karl Gallagher
Dorothy Grant
Peter Grant
Jim Curtis
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