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Taming the Night

Book 2 of 2: Nightshade series

In the midst of chaos, others will seize opportunities.

Having prevented an attempted coup against her own mafia Family, Selia Lascari quickly discovers there are traitors everywhere. Not only that, but her beloved uncle, Angelo Lascari, is seeing her as more than just a pretty face. Especially since Selia is given a chance to earn a truce with her homeland due to her fight with the necromancer residing in New Campania. A necromancer who was also banished from Selia's homeland.

When Lucien Vaschetti, the don for the second most powerful mafia syndicate, requests her to be the liaison for their respective syndicates, Angelo agrees. Except Lucien has his own problems: someone is trying to oust him and take over his syndicate and he needs Selia to find the betrayer. Whoever is behind it is willing to do whatever it takes to prevent Selia from stopping them.

Donning the alias of Nightshade, Selia once again teams up with New Campania's original vigilante the Sandman. This time to stop an all-out war between the Lascari and Vaschetti syndicates. Even as the Sandman and she try to find an alias for Selia's beau. One that will prevent all the syndicates from getting too curious about who Selia is dating.

Can Selia and the Sandman figure out how to juggle their personal lives and their aliases as the city's vigilantes? Or will it all come crumbling down around them as they try to keep peace within the city they call home?


Jennie Posthumus
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