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The Lightning Bolts of Zeus

Jasmine and Thyme Hawke are sisters and U.S. Secret Service agents. While investigating what appears to be a simple train robbery along the troubled U.S./Mexican border, they uncover clues that suggest a larger conspiracy is afoot. An unknown force has discovered the resting place of a long-lost Confederate airship named Zeus. The Hawke Girls know that the aerial monstrosity carried the most powerful weapon ever built, a technology that has never been duplicated and if it falls in to the wrong hands could change the world.

Plagued with guilt over their mother’s death, Jasmine struggles to keep herself focused on the mission, while her inexperienced younger sister is forced to come to terms with the difficulties of her first mission and her first taste of love.

Braving running gun battles, mechanized battlesuits, and aerial warships, the Hawke Girls travel from the American southwest to Cuba, and finally, to the jungles of southern Mexico, but will they find Zeus first or be forced to battle an enemy that wields the power of the gods?


D. Alan Lewis
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