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The Raven And The Crow: Dark Storm Rising

Two brothers struggling to find their place in the world.

For the elder sibling Kildare, every morning begins with the memory of betrayal. Once governed by the principles of morality, Kildare has become an instrument of blood and steel—where the speed of his sword arm metes out his own brand of justice. Only the strength and resolve of his brother Zedaine keeps him from succumbing to the ever-present rage that burns behind his dark eyes. While employed by the mysterious sage Blade, the pair stumble upon Chameleon, a runaway tribeswoman displaying extraordinary psychic powers. Their meeting, however, is no chance encounter. A riddle Chameleon carries will change not only the future of the three, but the fate of the entire world.

Hundreds of miles away, Macklore, a powerful wizard of Brisbane, has been dispatched to the volatile city of Gallanse. Smitten at the sight of princess Lydia, Macklore defies his orders and finds himself thrust into the middle of a bloody succession. When he openly supports Lydia’s family, he is marked for death by a cult of magi working to raise the psychotic prince Dragomir to the throne. With few allies, Macklore must use his wits and innate magical powers to keep Dragomir from the crown and himself alive.

Racing towards Gallanse, Kildare and Zedaine are torn between saving Macklore’s life, extracting terrible vengeance upon the man responsible for their betrayal.


Michael K. Falciani
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