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The Spider: Web of Shadows

Book 3 of 3: Hit World

Duncan Steed's world is a mess.

Aside from nearly being killed by giant orange rhinos charging out of a hole in the sky, and Lizard men who can take on human form, and a miniature Minotaur from Hell (literally), Steed has had to once again hang with his universally hated wife, Cynthia. Inconveniently, Cynthia also happens to be the only woman he has ever loved. What Steed needed was a vacation, someplace away from the world where he could relax.

Sure, like that could ever happen.

Meanwhile, Cynthia has problems of her own - a missing asset. Her ex-husband. A building threat to her work, and maybe her entire world.

Because the world is more dangerous than people know... or want to know. And that's before the sinister organization known as SPIDER challenges LifeEnders, Inc., for control of Time and Space.


William Alan Webb
Marisa Wolf
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