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Tinaree: Trial by Inferno

Book 1 of 3: Shadows of Peace

When your enemy knows more about your past than you do, things can get complicated.

Taylor trained his whole life to be the best, and to do his part in Intergal's effort to stop the Traverse's forceful expansion across the galaxy. However, as the Academy drills into every trainee’s head,

‘The enemy gets a vote in every plan.’

But Taylor and his teammates did not join Intergal’s Special Forces to go the easy route.

Then the enemy voted…

The only survivors of an ambush that should not have been possible, on a mission they should not have been assigned to, the four rookies find themselves in the worst possible scenario—in enemy hands.

But all is not what it seems, and their captor is much more than he pretends to be... however, even for the enemy...

'No plan survives first contact.'


Nic Plume
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