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Book 1 of 3: Valkyrie

Like a dropship burning through the atmosphere to deliver Marines in a hellish combat zone, Lucas Marcum's debut military science fiction novel will take you to the edge of your seat! Several hundred years from now, brutal combat between humanity and a deadly alien species drags the non-combatants of the Valkyrie medevacs into a fight for their lives. "The Valkyries are coming!", no matter how hot the Landing Zone, have become words to live by. On the planet nicknamed "Desolation", no quarter is given after the enemy slaughters the men and women of the 378th Forward Resuscitation Team, the front line medics that risk their lives to drag casualties back from the brink of death. The only survivors, Flight Nurse Captain Elizabeth Suarez and Combat Medic Sergeant Brian Agawa, find themselves trapped behind enemy lines, fighting to survive. Overhead, the 17th Spaceborne drop in and start mayhem only paratroopers can cause, and the Second Armored Cav counterattacks, their heavy tanks rolling hot into enemy lines. As word spreads of the destruction of the hospital, "Remember the Valkyries!" becomes a cry of vengeance for the Earth troopers. Follow the Valkyries as the war against the Elia progresses from planet to planet, each a different version of hellacious warfare.


Lucas Marcum
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