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You Pay; We Slay

Want somebody dead?

If you do, the solution’s easy. Hire LifeEnders, Inc. You pay. We slay.

Whether you know it or not—whether you believe it or not—the world is a dangerous place full of criminals, terrorists, monsters, sorcerers, extra-terrestrials, inter-dimensional predators, and embarrassing relatives. And, for the right price, they can all go away.

Twenty years ago, LifeEnders became the first legal corporation of assassins to operate on U.S. soil. Today, LEI has a hit man in every state and many foreign nations. Getting rid of the scammer who catfished Grandma only requires the requisite credit line, and porch thieves now think twice if a security camera might identify them. You pay; we slay. No questions asked.

But it’s not just about putting a target in the cross-hairs. Sometimes the job requires ‘Special Skills,’ and that costs extra. If a giant orange rhinoceros appears in the sky? Call LEI and let the Special Activities Division handle it…and don’t forget your credit card.

The first Hit World anthology brings together an all-star lineup of amazing authors guaranteed to keep you awake past bedtime.

Sorry. (Not Sorry)


Mark Stallings
Kevin Steverson
Larry Hoy
Daniel Humphreys
Chris Kennedy
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