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Death By Failure to Communicate



10:00 AM

Karl Gallagher
STEM / Author

CC - Mtg Rm 3 (STEM)

Karl Gallagher will present: Death By Failure to Communicate - It's not enough to put the data in the report, your audience has to understand it. A useful discussion for working engineers that illustrates how not
properly communicating with people can lead to deaths. Non-engineers will appreciate the story behind the disasters.

Focus will be on three case studies:
1. Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster: Showing the actual slides Morton
Thiokol presented to NASA and how they didn't get the message across.
Will compare this to the graph Prof. Feynman created to emphasize the
key issue.
2. Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster: Showing the actual NASA internal
powerpoint which led them to dismiss the danger of heat shield damage.
3. Surfside Condominium Collapse: Showing the actual engineering
report given to the condo board, and how it didn't emphasize the
danger in terms the condo board would understand.




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