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James Young



James Young writes science fiction, alternative history, and post-apocalyptic fiction.  In addition to his own Usurper’s War and Vergassy Chronicles, he’s done anthology collaborations with bestselling authors Sarah Hoyt, S.M. Stirling, and David Weber. His non-fiction writing credits include his most recent book, Eagles, Ravens, and Other Birds of Prey, winning the United States Naval Institute's (USNI’s) 2016 Cyberwarfare Essay Contest, and articles in Armor, The Journal of Military History, the Marine Corps University Press Expeditions, and USNI  Proceedings. Dr. Young currently resides in the Midwest with his spouse, award-winning artist Anita C. Young.


Aries' Red Sky

A Vergassy Universe Novel, The Spartan Trilogy, Book 1


Acts of War

Book 1 of 3: The Usurper's War: An Alternative World War II

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