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Nic Plume



Nic Plume is the author of the military science fiction series ’Shadows of Peace’ and the short story ‘Rebels’ Cause’ in the Lost Brigade Universe’s anthology ‘Standing Fast on Foreign Shores’. She has edited over forty science fiction novels for a best-selling author and is currently proofreading german translations for CKPI.

Born and raised in Germany, Nic spent most of her adult life married into the US Army life. English is her second language which she learned through school and refined through daily lessons with Dragons once she moved to the States (Ok, fine. She improved her reading skills through reading books, more specifically the Pern and Dragonlance series, but close enough!).

A question asker and seeker of understanding, Nic explores the world and people around her. She currently lives full-time in an RV with her husband and three dogs and travels all across the US. Always looking for the next adventure, she prefersthe roads less traveled - and loves to startle her copilot with a well-timed “wheee” right before the water hits the windshield.

She’s always made up stories, but never had the urge to write any of them down until the idea and characters of ‘Shadows of Peace’ refused to leave her alone. Now she’s plotting along and typing away daily to give the voices in her head an opportunity to be heard and seen by the rest of the world.


Standing Fast on Foreign Shores

The Last Brigade Universe

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