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Phillip Huddleston



Like Huckleberry Finn, Phil Huddleston grew up barefoot and outdoors, catching mudbugs by the creek, chasing rabbits through the fields, and forgetting to come home for dinner. Then he discovered books. Thereafter, he read everything he could get his hands on, including reading the Encyclopedia Britannica and Funk & Wagnalls from A-to-Z multiple times. He served in the U. S. Marines for four years, returned to college and completed his degree on the GI Bill. Since that time, he built computer systems, worked in cybersecurity, played in a band, flew a bush plane from Alaska to Texas, rode a motorcycle around a good bit of America, and watched in amazement as his wife raised two wonderful daughters despite his help. And would sure like to do it all again. Except maybe without being dazed and confused most of the time.


Goblin Eternal

Broken Galaxy Book Six


Imprint of Honor

Birth of the Rim Book Three


Broken Galaxy

Broken Galaxy Book One

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