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Stephen Euin Cobb



Stephen Euin Cobb is an author, novelist, magazine writer, futurist, award-winning podcaster, and host of The Interstellar Research Group's video series “From Here to the Stars,” for which he won the Iridani Award in 2021. For over ten years, he produced a weekly podcast, "The Future And You," which explored, through interviews, panel discussions, and commentary, all the ways the future will be different from today. For that, he won the Parsec Award in 2006. He’s interviewed over 500 people, and written over 100 magazine articles. BTW: During the entire weekend of LibertyCon, you can download for Free Stephen's hard SF novel "One Small Theft for Man: One Giant Siege for Mankind." It's a first contact story with advanced aliens, in which things get so far out of hand that even the aliens can't make it right.


LEATHER: A Runaway Girl Across Three Worlds


Leather & the 40 Corpsicles in the Cafe Freezer


One Small Theft for Man: One Giant Siege for Mankind.

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