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Alex Rath



Alex Rath is a best-selling Military Science Fiction and Post-Apocalyptic author, currently residing in Columbia, South Carolina, with his wife and daughter.

With works published in the Four Horsemen Universe, This Fallen World, and the Salvage Title universe, Alex has now spread out with his own Colonization Science Fiction with the Terran Space Project, starting with "Seeds of Terra."

By day, Alex is an IT professional, and has been for 25+ years. He has worked as a programmer/developer, webmaster, information security specialist, and solutions design specialist. This background allows him to incorporate some technical savvy into his stories, while his experience interacting with non-technical customers allows him to do so in a way that isn't confusing, or 'too technical' for a layperson to understand.

Name of Event

Spartan's Specialists

Four Horsemen Tales Book 12


Seeds of Terra

Book 1 of 1: The Terran Space Project


The Scales of Justice

Book 2 of 12: The Coalition


With Your Shield

Book 10 of 14: Four Horsemen Tales

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