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Anita Moore




 I'm Anita S. Moore and I'm an artist. 

Art background: Self taught from early age, Sketching, scribbling, doodling in note paper margins, later pastels and eventually oil painting in high school. 

I kept painting after high school for a few years. But it was the mid 90's when a fellow artist called to alert me that a new (to me)  shop, Hobby Lobby, had a huge sale on Liquitex acrylic paints (also new to me) and supplies. 

So I started painting in Acrylic. 

What fun!

And since I was weekly presenting adventures tangling with elements of the Cthulhu Mythos in a Call of Cthulhu game, the Mythos was my primary and favorite fields of study for several years. In just a couple of years I had accumulated what became a fairly well known body of work that appeared on many of the main genre sites hosting "Zines and galleries featuring many artists specializing in HPL et al Mythos inspired work. Some may still be listed on my first web site (  ALL of the early art is there. Many HPL sites hosted galleries and I was invited to several. 

From 1999 through the early 2000's is a pause. Husband John passed after a year long battle with leukemia. I now had two young children , ages 8 and 12 years, to raise alone. But art stopped because it was hard. John had been my biggest fan and kindest critic and the first person to see every piece in progress and finished. It was about three year before I brought work to LibertyCon again, and at that time, there was nothing new. But another artist contacted me to ask for contributions to his RPG project

 " for little to no compensation?" 

I laughed and said 

"Yes,  but I want a copy  of 'Spaceship Zero' and a T-shirt.  It was still hard, but fun... the joy wasn't there... but I was pleased with the work and it was well received, and published. 

Still... It was some time before that day I sat at the top of the attic stair to my workshop and painted sky and water and dragons in distant flight on a bit of art board. And it was years later before I offered it for sale. But in the meantime... I was painting again.

Now... in 2002, the same friend who got me into acrylic painting, decided to open a game store with Warhammer. I helped with funding.(Bit of insurace money)  There is a story there that could be titled "How I accidentally owned a game store" but the important part is that this shop required that we artists learn to use our skill to create three dimensional, tabletop wargaming environments, terrain, scenery, battle fields, ruins, blown up & burned out buildings, and more. After the first year I was managing things alone, and had hired two employees. 

Three All-That gamers volunteered to run tournaments, weekly games (Yu-Gi-Oh & Heroclix) and  summer Warhamer league 

Building all the terrain solo. 

 Building and SELLING,  terrain sustained the shop on many occasions, but we closed in 2004.

It was successful until it wasn't. But it was clear it was time to do something else.

 By 2005 I had established a workspace in the roomy attic space of our home, and was selling original pieces of terrain/scenery on ebay. It paid for school extras and convention expenses.  By 2010 building custom terrain had become the business (FoofighterUbu Wargame Terrain Studio) that kept the lights on.  In the past 20 years, I have completed hundreds of custom orders for thousands of  original works of art for clients all over the world, including several game stores, a couple of nonprofits,  youtube game report channels, 

 And been featured on several web pages. 



Many major works have appeared in the LibertyCon art show and are occasionally honored with award medals. 

Taking a new tack, I recently combined 2D painting skills with 3D carving experience to create art in carved EPS. 


This year at LibertyCon, as in the previous two year, I will create one or two original works as a demo on Saturday morning. 

As before, the work produced will be made available for purchase in the Charity category of the ART Auction Saturday night.

To have a look at my favorite example of the-is foray into the realm of 2d plus 3D art, (The Keeper's Screen) visit the game area after the demo for the PULP Cthulhu RPG session.

And as always looking forward to participating in the Liberty con art show!

See you there!

Name of Event
4:00 PM
M - Plaza Ballroom A
Uncommon Approaches to Traditional Art Methods
5:00 PM
CC - Mtg Room 14/15
Opening Ceremonies
8:00 PM
CC - Mtg Rm 12 (Art Show)
Artist Guest of Honor Walk-Through
9:00 PM
CC - Mtg Rm 12 (Art Show)
Artist Meet and Greet
10:00 AM
M - East/West (Craft Room)
Terrain Building Demonstration
1:00 PM
M - Tennessee River (Gaming Room)
Pulp Cthulhu
10:00 AM
M - Plaza Ballroom A/B
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