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Jay Roye



Jay Roye is a third generation native Texan (a COWBOYS fan - in spite of Jerry Jones!) and owner of a global consulting firm providing consulting on Real Time Drilling Control Centers and systems to oil companies around the world. Jay has over 35 years experience in the Oil & Gas business, onshore, offshore (and space!) and some 16+ countries. Jay designed and managed the BP's Gulf of Mexico Real Time Drilling Operations Center for five years, until his departure from BP in late February 2010. (The BP Gulf of Mexico "event" took place on April 20, 2010). Jay holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in several disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Information Technology, Business. J's primary focus is his beautiful wife of some 37 years (she has more graduate degrees that I do... if she is happy the world is a good place...) and being a Christian... secondary is sci-fi collecting, the stock market and our two dogs.

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