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Michael "Mufasa" Ferguson



Michael Ferguson is a Master Brewer, a nationally syndicated TV host and now Director of Business Development at Aalberts Dispense Technologies. After 11 years of Field Engineering, R&D and tech writing at IBM Michael set off to find the next step to his personal growth. Michael always enjoyed motorcycles, reading and writing as hobbies but in 1989 Michael found himself at the ground floor of a Craft Brewing start-up named Gordon Biersch Brewing. This began the journey from apprentice brewer to Master Brewer. After helping to install and open 6 breweries, a move to Director of Brewery Operations at Station Casinos allowed Michael the independence to garner several Industry awards including 5 medals from the GABF (Great American Beer Festival). Michael also accepted an Associate Professorship at the University of Nevada Las Vegas College of Hospitality before moving on to BJ's Restaurants Inc. in 2004 as Director of Brewery Operations and Beer Training. Michael helped open over 120 restaurants for the company and trained countless team members about the ins and outs of Craft Beer. It was at BJ's Restaurants that Michael's high profile within the Craft Brewing Industry caught the eye of talent scouts at Discovery Channel which lead to the inception and production of Beer Geeks television show, the only nationally syndicated TV show about Craft Beer, the people who make, follow and love Craft Beer and the industries it encompasses. Beer Geeks received a national Emmy nomination for Best Culinary Show in 2015. Michael's love of writing and Science Fiction is now the newest phase of a long career. Michael Ferguson lives in Houston Texas.
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