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Rick Heinz


Author, Gaming

Storytellers Forge presents Rick Heinz. Author of the award-winning novel series (best post-apocalyptic fiction, Nerdist 2017), The Seventh Age: Dawn, Dystopia, and Decay. Creative director and author for The Red Opera: Last Days of the Warlock and the upcoming Black Ballad (The perfect campaign to run after you TPK your party). Rick has also authored cannon fiction and RPG's for major studio projects such as The Crow: Prayers of the Past and Universal Soldier: Return to Eden. When not chained to a keyboard and listening to metal music while destroying fictional worlds, Rick also worked for Geek & Sundry writing the GM Tips series and as a press writer for Nerdist. Find him in person at conventions around the country, often plying his professional GM talents or running sarcastic panels on How to (Not) Suck at Storytelling. For more information on his projects or work within the gaming spheres check out or (or just follow him on Tiktok @crankybolt. He'll tell you himself).

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