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Ted Ung


Professional Panelist

Ted Ung (Ming O'Mongo) is a husband to Marilyn (SWMBO), uncle of three, and grandfather of eight.  

He started in information technology with punch cards, morphed into a programmer, and ended up a director of consultants doing software development.

Born in East Los Angeles, he left his father's house at nineteen, becoming the third generation to serve in the United States Army. Although German, Dutch, Danish, et cetera were at the top of his list, having studied German in high school, the Army Security Agency took one look at his Asian-ish face, and said, “This boy gonna studied Mandarin for forty-nine weeks, six hours a day, plus homework.”  Originally vectored to Okinawa, Ted ended up PCS in Thailand, with TDYs in Vietnam, and places in Asia you cannot prove he ever even thought of. One might conclude the previous explains some minor facility in Mandarin, German, Spanish, and Thai.

During the 9/11 murders Ted served with the New York Guard, visiting Ground Zero on 9/14. His fourteen years service in the Guard took Ted through assignments during  the American Airlines Flight 587 crash, ice storms, and floods.

Along the way, Ted encountered, oil and water, educators trying to teach him chemistry and physics, which may explain the business degrees.

A reader since toddling about the downtown L. A. tenement featured, sans cupola, in Escape from Witch Mountain, he started with soup cans, Ladies Home Journal, miscellaneous age-inappropriate novels, and Readers Digest. Later reading involved Branley, Balmer, Heinlein, Tolkien, Vance, Hoyt, Christie, Wentworth, Stout, Cook. The S-F bias led to Ted being on staff at Sasquan, and recalls long ago visits to Lunacon and Boskone. A newbie in 2022 at “Ammogrrrll's”, Susan Vass', CommenterConII, he and SWMBO are looking forward to III.

He hopes to somehow represent the works of “Max Cossack”, Joe Vass, Ammogrrrll's other half at Libertycon 36.

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