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Tiffany Toland-Scott



Tiffany Toland-Scott is an American artist located in the Atlanta-Metro area. Her work is inspired by high fashion, fairy tales, Lovecraft, everything Southern Gothic, haunted houses, and mythology from all over the world. A fan of anything darkly romantic, her work is frequently subtly if not overtly dark in theme. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, life's adventures have taken her to art school in Phoenix, back to Washington, then to Montana where she lived with her husband, Jason Luke, for several years, and most recently to a rural neighborhood outside of historic Cartersville, Georgia. She lives with her husband, son Wolfgang, two dogs, a clutter of cats, and a gaggle of imaginary friends. Tiffany is a primarily self-taught artist and uses pencils, watercolors, digital tools, oils, and acrylic paints in the creation of her paintings. Curious and easily bored, she is frequently finding new things to make art with. She also sculpts with paper clay and found objects, plays a slew of musical instruments, and writes short horror stories.

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