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David Badurina




David Badurina is a speculative fiction author in Hartford, Connecticut. David is a father, business owner, YouTuber, podcaster, 4th degree black belt, multi-passionate storyteller, and a lover of absurd dark humor.

As a YouTuber, David built a large following on social media exploring the topics of writing and psychology. He finds great joy inspiring fellow writers to put words to page, and offer what insight and support he can through his personal experiences.

David took to YouTube to document his progress in finishing his self-published debut novel, “The Caretaker.” Tragically, in early 2019, only a few thousand words into his novel, David’s older brother passed away unexpectedly. David coped with loss by developing the world of The Caretaker - exploring themes of death, love, purpose, and betrayal in a mind-bending supernatural world where psychological concepts take human form, manipulating mankind in a hidden war for power, influence, and control. He is currently writing Book 2 in the series, as well as recording the audiobook in his makeshift home studio.

In 2023 David’s alternate series, “Wokepocalypse,” is set for release. This satirical social commentary tale features a story of love and friendship mired in the insane chaos of a politically-correct zombie apocalypse. In this modern day Wokepocalypse, true danger lies not with the brain-eaters, but with the outraged brainless, hell-bent on giving zombies equal rights and representation in our daily life. Mindless intersectionality has never been more fun!

When he’s not writing, working, hanging with family or eating chocolate, David can be found on his sofa staring into space pondering deep philosophical questions such as, “Does cereal qualify as soup?” David lives with his wonderful partner Jaclynn, their two cats, Tigress and Crash, and David’s pet snake, Penelope Von Squigglebottom, Princess of Noodleham. You can explore David’s social media presence, short stories, and stay up to date with his projects through his website,

*David would also like to sincerely apologize for using the insensitive and problematic term Zombie. He is aware that this type of triggering language has no place in modern-day society, and will work tirelessly to support the marginalized Retroactively Deceased Community moving forward. Thank you.

Name of Event
4:00 PM
M - Plaza Ballroom Mezzanine - Authors/Artists Alley
Authors/Artist Alley: Jared Austin, Marina Fontaine, David Badurina, Mel Todd/Doug Burbey, Kevin A. Davis, Julie Frost
1:00 PM
M - Plaza Ballroom Mezzanine - Authors/Artists Alley
Authors/Artist Alley: Lydia Sherrer / David Sherrer, Mel Todd / Doug Burbey, Gray Rinehart, Les Johnson, David Badurina, Jenny Wren
10:00 AM
M - Plaza Ballroom A/B

It Came From the Trailer Park: Volume 3

Book 3 of 3: It Came From The Trailer Park


The Caretaker

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