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David Badurina



David Badurina is a speculative fiction author from the frozen tundra of New Hampshire. David is a father, business owner, 4th degree black belt, storyteller, and a lover of injecting satire and the absurd into all of his written works.

In 2020, his self-published debut novel “The Caretaker” was released to rave reviews for its exploration of human psychology in an urban fantasy setting. 2023 was highlighted by his short story, “The Ballad of Esmerelda Calhoun” being featured in the Three Ravens “It Came From The Trailer Park Vol 3” anthology, and is currently a finalist for the 2024 Imadjinn Awards for Best Short Story.

2024 will see the release of his outrageous satirical take on the sci-fi genre with his latest novel, “SPACE PEW PEW” – a comedic throw-back to his favorite space-comedy films like Ice Pirates, Spaceballs, and Galaxy Quest.

David lives with his wonderful partner Jaclynn, two cats, two geckos, five pet snakes, and a crippling boba tea addiction. You can explore David’s social media presence, and stay up to date with his projects through his website,


It Came From the Trailer Park: Volume 3

Book 3 of 3: It Came From The Trailer Park


The Caretaker

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