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That Ain’t Quite Right Café and Bar has a new home. A magical and mysterious place, high above the worries of the mere mortals below. An Olympus from which to survey the grand city of Chattanooga. A castle of the clouds. In the immortal words of Lumiere, “Put our service to the test. Tie your napkin ‘round your neck cherie, and we’ll provide the rest. Soup du jour; Hot hors d'œuvres; Why, we only live to serve …”

Okay, so the café and bar aren’t quite up to those levels (yet), but we do have an amazing new location in the Marriott. The new Lookout Mountain Room on the 16th floor is now home to our con suite. This room, which before renovations was the Concierge Room, is right next to the elevators. Which means it’s both easier to get to and to find than ever before. Strangely enough, the floor is not marked as 16 in the elevator, instead going by the non-de-plume “C”. What exactly is Marriott trying to hide up there, anyway?

Speaking of space, we haven’t stepped away from our original spot on the 16th floor either. Room 1603 (The Presidential Suite), where we’ve hosted our dazzling display of culinary creations and delectable delights in previous years, will be used as an additional seating area. This means we’re offering even more places to relax and hold those amazing conversations you’ll remember and cherish for years to come.

Best of all, everything you love about the con suite is still there. The food, the drinks, and the camaraderie of fellow fans will all be freely available. As always, the beverage selections will be soft drinks, tea, coffee, and if you are of the inclination (and age), beer. We aren’t skimping on the food either. There will be a wonderful selection of easy-to-grab and enjoyable items, which we’ll change out regularly. Make sure to stop by often to see what’s being offered on the tables.

Once you’ve gotten your food and drink, you can sit down and talk, or instead choose to take in the stunning view out of the large windows. Enjoy a vista containing Signal and Lookout Mountain, the Tennessee River, and the wonders of modern automotive survival on Highway 27.

Do you have a flair for feeding others great food and drink? Are you talented in quick clean-up? Have you ever wanted to try your hand at pulling beer? This is your lucky year! The hospitality department is always looking for people willing to volunteer a few hours of their time. This year we are especially in need of helpers for pulling beer. Come join the consuite side. We really will have cookies. Fresh…Hot…Cookies… For more information or to volunteer, please contact Vonn at

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