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LC 33 Charity of Choice Donation

On Saturday, 06 NOV 2021, at 11am ET, LibertyCon® will be presenting a check to the LC33 Charity of Choice, Downside Up Inc.

The address for Downside Up Inc. is 621 E. 11th Street, Chattanooga 37403.

We had a virtual convention this year, but our membership sure did come through with charitable donations! YES! Y’ALL! DID!

The entire LibertyCon® Family is invited to attend this event. Outside of the convention itself, this is one of the most important moments LibertyCon® has the honor to do. We are a non-profit which supports non-profits. We’re not a huge convention, but we sure do seem to make rather large contributions to those organizations which do so much for our fellow humans. The ONLY reason we are able to do so is because of the generosity of our LibertyCon® Family.

This is what the check will look like. We will announce the actual amount of the donation after the ceremony.

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