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LibertyCon34 Con Suite Updates

Have you ever heard the statement “Having choices is a good thing?” Well, our Con Suite intends to live up to that promise. In addition to several traditional favorites, we will continue to provide allergen and dietary-friendly options. Some food items will only be available on request for those with stricter dietary needs.

To help make the Con Suite safer, healthier, and more inviting, we will be providing disposable gloves, sanitation stations, and we’ve added eight sneeze guards to our food service tables. Please be aware starting this year, the Con Suite will no longer be peanut-free.

From Little Debbie snacks and Coke products to pimento cheese and fresh fruits, from gluten-free to dairy-free to vegan, there should be something for everyone this year in the Con Suite.

Please contact Vonn at if you have specific needs.

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