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Tuckerizations and You

If you've ever wanted to see yourself in a book, tonight is the perfect time to do so. There are six chances to be tuckerized available. You can see the certificates in the Art Show, then join us at the Charity and Art Auction, Meeting Room 3 at 7 PM tonight.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Tuckerization (or being Tuckerized) is when an author uses a person's name (and sometimes other characteristics) in a story. These characters are often smaller parts and act as a wink and nod to the fans. A great example of this is our very own Uncle Timmy, who was tuckerized in David Weber's Honor Harrington novel Ashes of Victory as the engineer of LAC-1961 Cutthroat as well as the villainous character Tennessee Bolgeo in A Beautiful Friendship.

Tonight at the Charity and Art Auction, the following authors are offering tuckerizations for bids:

  • John G. Hartness

  • Chris Woods (Special Guest of Honor)

  • Chris Kennedy (Master of Ceremonies)

  • William Joseph Roberts

  • Tom Kratman

  • Kal Spriggs

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