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A.M. Freeman



A.M. Freeman has been making up stories since before she could properly read or write. Spending most of her teen years writing, she was published by 18 when her short story “At The Edge of Detachment” debuted in Forbidden Thoughts. She went on to write many short stories for the Planetary anthologies by Tuscany Bay Books, as well as her own children’s novelette, Marymae and the Nightmare Man. Freeman has a passion for cooking and snuggling babies, so when she is not writing during precious nap times, you’ll often find her barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, or at least with little one around her legs. Keep up with her adventures on instagram @a.m.freeman3.14 and visit her blog at

Name of Event

Planetary Anthology Series: Saturn

Book 11 of 11: Planetary Anthology Series


Planetary Anthology Series: Venus

Book 5 of 11: Planetary Anthology Series


Marymae and the Nightmare Man

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