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Lucas Marcum



Lucas Marcum is a critical care nurse practitioner, Army reservist and independent author. Since high school, he has written recreationally; but never really took the idea of publishing a book seriously until 2017, when he wandered into a Facebook group curated by and populated with other veterans. On a whim, he posted several snippets of short stories; fragments of ideas that he’d been playing with for years. The site curator challenged him to turn one particular idea into a book- and despite never having really considered it before, chose to take it on. After all, what could be the worst that happened?

As it turned out- a lot. The idea grew into a book, then a series, then other opportunities for short stories and novellas. His first book was well received and Lucas began to work on developing his burgeoning writing career. Unfortunately, life has ways of throwing curveballs at us and Lucas went from an Army reserve command position, right into the pandemic response in a hard hit east coast inner city hospital, then into into a combat deployment.

Now, five years, four missed LibertyCons, a command, a pandemic, a combat deployment as team lead on a forward surgical team, a Bronze Star and a whole pile of wild stories (both real and imagined) later, Lucas has finally made it to LC36.


“Valkyrie” 2018

“Valkyrie Rebellion” 2019

“The Fae Wars: Onslaught” with J. F. Holmes. 2021

“The Fae Wars: The Fall” with J.F. Holmes. 2021

“Valkyrie Attrition” 2023

“The Fae War: Relics of Empire” (Fall 2024)

“Valkyrie Armistice” (Spring 2025)

Novellas and Short Stories

“Broken Toys” in the ‘Old Age and Treachery Anthology edited by JamieIbson.

“The Last Stand of Renegade 3-0” Cannon Publishing Mecha Anthology

“Damage Control” Cannon Publishing Military Science Fiction Anthology

“Vigil” Cannon Publishing Military Science Fiction Anthology

“Revolution” JTF 13 ‘Origins’ Anthology Three Ravens Publishing

“Unrest” ‘The Hundred Worlds’ A Cannon Publishing Anthology.



Book 1 of 3: Valkyrie


Cannon Publishing Military Anthology Book 1


The Fae Wars: Onslaught

Book 1 of 4: The Fae Wars


The Hundred Worlds


The Fae Wars: Futures Past

Book 3 of 4: The Fae Wars

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