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The Twelve Days of Speculative Fiction

January 2nd is celebrated as Science Fiction Day. It shares a date with the birthday of Isaac Asimov, who would have been 103 in 2023. Science Fiction Day was first celebrated in 2011, almost twenty years after Asimov’s death in 1992. While not recognized by any government, it shares a proud place in fandom’s calendar of events with other days such as Pi Day (14 March), Star Wars Day (4 May), Talk Like a Pirate Day (19 September), and Star Trek Day (8 September). It has, however, been recognized in the past by organizations such as Hallmark and the Scholastic Corporation.

In anticipation of this holiday, LibertyCon is hosting a series of blogs about Speculative Fiction from December 21 until January 1. Each day, the blog will focus on a different part of speculative fiction, including looks at music, visual arts, and Christmas. Make sure to check in during this countdown.

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