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Jim Curtis



JL Curtis was born in Louisiana in 1951 and was raised in the Ark-La-Tex area. He is a retired Naval Flight Officer, serving over 20 years all over the world. He is also a retired engineer in the defense industry, specializing in Research and Development testing. A long time NRA instructor, he now lives in north Texas writing full time. JL Curtis has twelve novels out in three different series, The Grey Man (urban fiction), Rimworld (military science fiction), and a new series, Showdown on the River (western). He also has written a number of novellas and short stories for over fifteen different anthologies.

He has also been a moderator and panelist at various conventions, including LibertyCon, LTUE, FantaSci, and others. He enjoys helping new authors to NOT make the same mistakes he has made.


Steam-Powered Postcards

Book 2 of 7: Postcard Stories


The Ross 248 Project


Tales Around the Supper Table - An Anthology of Texas Writers

Tales Around the Supper Table, Book 1 of 2


Can't Go Home Again


Tales Around the Supper Table - Volume 2

Tales Around the Supper Table, Book 2 of 2


It Came from the Trailer Park Volume 1

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