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Casey Moores



Casey Moores was a USAF rescue/special ops C-130 pilot for over 17 years- airdropping, air re-fueling, and flying into tiny blacked-out dirt airstrips in bad places using night vision goggles.  He’s been to those places and done those things with those people. Now he lives a quieter life, translating those experiences to military science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and post-apocalyptic fiction. With seven novels and over twenty published short stories, his biggest chal-lenge is focusing on any one genre. Or focusing on anything at all, really.

Casey is the winner of the Imaginarium Imadjinn Awards Best Historical Fiction for Witch Hunt, a story about monster hunting marines in the Civil War from Three Ravens Publishing’s JTF-13 series. The prequel story, “Blood Sacrifice”, was published in the Helicon award-winning JTF-13 Legends anthology.

For Chris Kennedy Publishing, he has written in the Four Horsemen universe with numerous novels and short stories, primarily about Bull and his black ops rescue company. He also has a novel, The Guilted Cage, set in the Fallen World universe at his alma mater, the Air Force Acad-emy, as well as short stories in the Fallen World and Salvage System universes.

Finally, he has numerous stories out in his Deathmage War fantasy series, two of which—“A Quaint Pastime” and “The Unwanted Legion”—were finalists in the annual FantaSci fantasy sto-ry contest.

He has recently begun a near future military science fiction series with Bill Fawcett.

A Colorado native and Air Force Academy graduate, he is now semi-retired in New Mexico.

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Down These Mean Streets



Joint Task Force 13 (JTF 13) Book 6


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Book 2 of 4: A Bayonet Books Anthology


These Things We Do


We Dare: Old Age and Treachery

We Dare series Book 5


We Dare: Wanted, Dead or Alive


Witch Hunt


Companion to Darkness

The Phoenix Initiative Book 5


Among the Embers

Book 16 of 16: The Fallen World



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